hey there, im dylan

your good time photog

the kid behind the camera

Okay let's start with the basic's, I'm Dylan, a destination wedding and elopement photographer. I am based out of Charlotte, North Carolina (a city I love with a passion). I grew up in a small town outside of Charlotte called Shelby, North Carolina. Growing up I never really had any idea of wanted to be. It was either the next big athlete or an astronaut, but deep down my soul didn't know. 

Who am I ?

I grew up playing sports. Yup, all the way from five to eighteen you would have caught me on the football field. From a small kid all the way until my senior year of high school the plan was to graduate and continue on with my football career. It wasn't until middle school where I picked up my first camera I got on my thirteenth birthday - a day I can remember vividly. That day I found something that was just as interesting in sports. I caught myself daily playing with this small point and shoot camera. I would go outside, start playing with the flash, taking photos of nature, and honestly anything and everything. After about year of playing around with this small camera I asked for a much nicer camera for Christmas - and little did I know from that point on I would have found a hobby (at the time) that would change my life's course forever. 

Skip forward to spring semester of my senior year in high school. I had five full scholarships play collegiate football. Many would be excited for the chance - and don't get me wrong I definitely was honored to know that schools saw my ability and talent but my heart knew that it was time to let go of this journey and open the door to a new journey where I saw a future of happiness. 

After breaking the news to everyone that needed to know I immediately when into the plan I created for myself. To finish high school strong and start this new and scary journey I had ahead of me. In May of 2021, specifically on my birthday I headed over to a photographer friends home and we sat there as I applied to become a business owner. I knew even though I was closing chapter a more beautiful chapter was opening and it was that day that made it all feel so real. 

So, present day - i'm still here, i'm still living the dream of being a full time photographer and business owner. It's took a lot of dedication, sad days, imposter syndrome, anxiety to get here but it's been worth every bit of hard times to be where I am now. It's a dream five year old me never knew was going to happen, it's a dream freshman high school me knew was possible but was scared to close a chapter to enter a new one. I am a firm believer in following your dreams and in these past few years I have really been able to see how that belief play's out. So if you're seeing this and you have a dream - know that it's possible, know that it's going to be hard accepting a new reality, but in the end it's going to be worth it. 

Telling love stories is no longer a hobby for me. I get to wake up everyday knowing that I have the honor of telling peoples's love story through my eye. I create such a indescribable connection with each client that I get the honor to work with. Life has been crazy running a business, but I am so happy I am here, happy, and loving what I get to do.  

intimate photojournalist for those wild and in love